Web and Mobile application for Product validation platform


Eradicate Fakes




IT solutions


Django, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java for Android, Flutter & Dart, Firebase, AWS LightSail, PostgreSQL

About Project

Eradicate Fakes is a mobile and web based application that  eliminates the need to acquire counterfeit products and make sure that the acquired product is 100% genuine using the specialized process that takes place between Eradicate Fakes and Product manufacturers regarding the management of authenticity. Eradicate Fakes uses advanced cryptography-based tags that are created with partnership with the Manufacturers of the products. Each product has a unique label which ensures that the product is genuine. It works directly with manufacturers as part of their production process and ensures that products that have Eradicate Fakes tags are genuine.


We have researched the current Ureed application, then figured out and improved UX and UI design. We also applied new branding, rendered a lot of illustrations, updated web and mobile app for iOS and Android, and an information website.

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